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Make Me Laugh

$2000 in Cash & Prizes

Get ready for a laugh-filled extravaganza in 2024 as comedy competitions take center stage! There’s something for every funny bone. 

Applications for the 2024 Network Comedic Competition will open in December 2023. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us. We will hold in person, regional showcases between February and April 2024.

Regional Showcases are held from March until April with selected applicants performing up to 7 minutes of original material. In 2024 all regional showcases will take place live in select cities.


Contestants will be selected from the regional showcases and invited to the heats. A finalist is chosen at the end of each heat by a panel of judges. The judges may also choose wild card finalists who will join the heat winners in the Grand Final. 

Winners from each heat and wild card finalists will perform up to 7 minutes of their original material in the Grand Finale. The competition will be presided over by a panel of judges from across the Comedy industry



  • The performer must be unsigned from any comedy agent or management company at the time of applying to take part in the competition.

  • The performer must not plan to perform a solo show in a Festival in 2024.

  • The performer must not have taken part in any previous year’s showcases on EdgeTV Network

  • The performer’s must have 7 minutes of their own completely original material. You should use the same material throughout the competition, judges do not want you to change it unless it is minor tweaks.

  • The organizers reserve the right to select all entrants. Decisions taken by the organizers and judges are final.

  • Each contestant must pay a $100 non-refundable entry/registration fee.


  • $2,000 in cash and prizes

  • Opportunity to pitch idea for a new series on EdgeTv featuring the winner.

  • Opportunity to film a comedy special for EdgeTv.

  • Complimentary headshot photoshoot by professional photographer

  • Complimentary filmed copy and professional photographs of their spot from the Final to use in their show-reel.

  • Mentorship and support

  • Title of EdgeTV 2024 Comedy Network Star

  • Make the audience laugh within the first 30 seconds of being on stage. Cut the waffle and get to the good stuff straight away.

  • The quality of your material is key. Write, edit and rehearse you material in advance. Do not risk winging it on the night, that is hardly ever funny.

  • Don’t do the compere’s job for them and ‘work the room’, perform your own material rather than chatting to the audience for 7 minutes.

  • Avoid lazy stereotypes, fat jokes, toilet jokes, ginger jokes, racism, sexism or any other isms… the judges have heard them all and probably won’t find it funny. Be clever, be different and you’ll stand out.

  • If you are going to do musical comedy, make sure your songs are funny. If it’s not funny without music, it won’t be funny with it.

  • This competition isn’t for sketch comedy, but for stand-up comedy. If you are a double act, or even a triple act, make sure you are twice or three times as funny together – don’t divide the wit between you.

  • Practice makes perfect. Practice before your set in front of the judges, get comfortable holding a mic, be comfortable in what you are wearing and how to stand on stage.

  • Don’t make this your first gig. You can only do it once, so don’t squander the opportunity. At least find out if you get stage fright by doing one gig beforehand.

  • Enjoy it! What’s the worst that could happen?

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